Let's embrace the movement towards sustainability

In today's world, the movement towards sustainability is gaining momentum, and it's a cause worth rallying behind. The rise of sustainability and eco shows serves as a powerful testament to the growing awareness and commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future. One event that embodies this movement is The Sustainability Show, in Manchester on the 8th and 9th July, which is a gathering of passionate individuals and inspiring exhibitors who are driving positive change.

Take, for instance, WABLU, a trailblazer in the laundry industry. By offering sustainable and eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets that eliminate the need for wasteful capsules, liquids, and powders, WABLU is reshaping the way we do laundry. And with every pack of WABLU purchased, an ocean-bound plastic bottle is rescued from landfill.

Another driving force is Riverford Organic Farmers, a company that epitomises the values of organic produce. With three decades of experience, they grow and deliver the very best organic vegetables straight to customers' doors in their iconic veg boxes. Their unwavering commitment to flavour, soil health, wildlife, and water sources has earned them recognition as the Observer's Ethical Product of the Decade.

So everyone in the funeral industry, let's join the eco revolution and show our dedication to a sustainable and ethical world. Another shining example of how sustainability works in the world we live is Liberation Foods. Liberation Foods, is a Fairtrade nut company and social enterprise. Their vegan snacks come from smallholder nut farmers who are majority owners of the company. By supporting Liberation Foods, you're empowering farmers and contributing to a fairer, more sustainable world. Other great pioneers of sustainability are Starling Bank, Charity Supermarket, and Tesla.

So, if these companies in their respective industries can transform, and champion sustainability, then surely we should in the funeral industry. At Lifelia, we know there has to be a shift in mindset as THERE'S NO PLANET B and we've made giant leaps with our coffins that are sustainably sourced, and created out of biodegradable board. Isn't it time for every industry to embrace sustainability and prioritise the well-being of our planet?

#love your planet